Who we are

Samson products are manufactured in a state-of-art manufacturing facility. The site is equipped with imported machines and assembled products are made from high-tech presses import from around the world.

Samson products adhere to international standard and are of the highest quality. Click below to read moreā€¦

Events & Conferences

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  • Health Care
  • Cervical Support / Braces
  • Abdominal Support / Braces
  • Rib / Chest Support / Braces
  • Ankle Support / Braces
  • Fracture Aids / Appliances
  • Knee Support / Braces
  • Thigh & Calf Support
  • Graduated Stockings
  • Wrist, Forearm & Elbow Support / Splints
  • Finger Exerciser & Splints
  • Traction Kits
  • Physiotherapy Aids
  • Neoprene Support / Braces
  • Hip Orthosis
  • Foot Care Products
  • Walking Aids (Handicapped)
  • Back / Spinal Support / Braces (0)s